Artificial Intelligence

MedCity Pivot Podcast: 2 Perspectives on how AI Can Soothe Burnout, Burden of Prior Authorization

I interview Punit Singh Soni, CEO of Suki and Niall O'Connor, CTO, Cohere Health to evaluate two areas where AI can have an outsize impact: clinical documentation and prior authorization.

This is the last episode of Season 2 in which we took a closer look at AI in healthcare. While there is certainly a lot of hype around artificial intelligence and specifically large language models in healthcare especially as it relates to clinical decision support, there are areas where there appear to be real opportunities for efficiency gains.

For me, these fall under the broad umbrella of reducing misery (read burnout) and increasing satisfaction in the actual practice of medicine (read make prior authorization less of a pain). To that end, I interviewed Punit Singh Soni, CEO of Suki, which has developed an AI voice assistant to automate clinical documentation. I also interviewed Niall O’ Connor, chief technology officer, Cohere Health that uses AI to streamline the burdensome process of prior authorization.

Our next season, beginning in July, will focus on Transforming the Life Sciences.