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large wall clock

Unique Large Wall Clock

Wooden Big Wall Clock - SABDAkala

SABDAKALA present the best ideas of large wall clock to your home and working space.

From the heart of java island, Yogyakarta Indonesia. We made the most beautiful and hand crafted piece of art of wall clock from wood and metal.

Large wall clock are all over the world. Due to the popularity of modern contemporary interiors of the house, large walls are an important feature. Unique big wall clock can just fit the bill perfectly.  Sabdakala produced fine arts large wall clock with modern contemporary surroundings. 


Big Large Wall Clock #1 (100 cm)

large wall clock

Big Large Wall Clock #2 (50 cm)

unique large wall clock

Big Large SQUARE Wall Clock #3 (50 cm)

big wall clock

Large Wall Clock will Fit Your Space?

The most important point to address when looking for a new theme or change in interior decoration is proportion.


Is your space well set up to handle the new print, sculpture or, in this case, the large wall clocks?


With 'furniture' it is assumed that your home has been extended and that you have lived in it for some time.


This new change or look you are looking for is only to change your current look.


In this scenario, the best way to evaluate how your walls can support this wall clock is in regards to its aesthetic proportions.


Suppose your ceilings are only ten feet high. This is by no means a low ceiling, in fact quite common in today's building spaces and spacious even by other people's standards.


Either way, let's assume you're working with it. Let's define what we mean by big.


There are many definitions one could use and there are a number of different styles and looks of wall clocks.

How Big is Big?

For the purposes of this article, we assume that large is something that is twenty-four to forty-eight inches in diameter.


It is about two to four feet in diameter. The four foot size is really quite large and makes a dramatic statement.


If this is the case, we recommend that you choose one of the smaller wooden wall clocks to maintain the pleasant "visual passage" of your room.


A large wall clock in a room with three-foot ceilings we discussed will be too much.


However, you'll find that the 24-inch-diameter clock runs quite well. Sometimes you have to actually see it in your space to make up your mind.


Vaulted or high ceilings in your home, on the other hand, open up whole new possibilities.


In that case, one of the classically smaller antique wall clocks might not fit proportionally the best here.


This would require a larger clock diameter. Wall clock with a four-foot diameter might be perfect.