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Bringing eCommerce Best Practices to Healthcare to Attract and Retain Patients

DexCare is sponsoring a webinar May 19 highlighting how it's taking lessons learned from online retailers to boost traffic and applies them to their healthcare customers. To learn more, register today.

Providence Health spinoff DexCare is bringing eCommerce best practices to healthcare to make it easier for all consumers to get convenient access to care. Its approach takes lessons learned from successful online retailers and integrates them into a powerful digital front door, from search to scheduling, for health systems.

DexCare amplified its set of digital patient access capabilities with the acquisition last year of Womp Inc, an eCommerce and online merchandising technology company. 

The goal is to not only improve Google search visibility for healthcare organizations, but also to improve search results within that organization’s website and efficiently navigate consumers to the best available care options. This focus on the patient experience has enabled health systems to attract 30% more new patients, capture 8x downstream revenue, and deliver a net promoter satisfaction score greater than 90.

Don’t miss this upcoming webinar, sponsored by DexCare. The panelists will focus on how health systems are taking lessons learned from online retailers, and emerging technologies, to attract and convert consumers.

To register for DexCare’s webinar on May 19 at 12 pm ET, Bringing eCommerce Best Practices to Healthcare to Attract and Retain Patients, please fill in the form below:

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